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Maintaining a beautiful smile starts at a young age. As we get older, keeping our teeth and gums in good shape becomes important to lengthen the life of our smile. At the practice of Peter C. Yanes, DDS, we offer preventive and restorative dental treatments to help families and individuals reach their oral health goals.

Schedule an appointment with Drs. Peter Yanes and Rossina Escobar-Yanes to receive personalized dental care in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Prevention is the Key!

The most effective defense against dental issues is prevention. Avoiding complex dental issues by taking routine visits to the dentist is much better than undergoing costly treatments later. Bringing children into the dental office early allows our dentist to provide diagnostic examinations that detail a patient’s dental anatomy as well as predict their development.

At this early stage, an undiscovered cavity can have severely detrimental effects on a patient’s smile. If a tooth is prematurely lost before the permanent tooth is ready to come in, or if the permanent tooth has erupted and is threatened with decay, it can cause several structural issues in the future. Preventing problems with proper cleanings every six months keeps the smile clean and free of harmful plaque and tartar.

Furthermore, we recommend sealants for patients that show susceptibility to cavities, as well as fluoride treatment to improve early development.

Extractions may also be a preventive procedure to create space in the mouth for developing young patients. Those that require simple extractions for impacted teeth can visit our practice for a comprehensive examination and consultation.

Keep Your Smile Healthy!

Through a lifetime of use, teeth can get worn and damaged. Restorative procedures ensure the smile remains in its best shape and prolongs teeth’s longevity. 

Missing teeth, decay, and advanced gum disease can start a negative a trend that affects surrounding dental anatomy and makes it difficult to eat and chew with comfort. Crowns, bridges, and dentures repair and replace missing teeth, providing patients with greater dental function as well as protecting oral health.

Restorative procedures like a root canal and gum disease therapy can greatly improve the oral environment and clear the mouth of harmful bacteria. Our team gently administers these treatments in addition to routine care

Our practice provides safe amalgam removal for those that wish to change from silver fillings to white. As more information about mercury toxicity becomes apparent, we advocate for metal-free restorations to promote both oral and overall health.

Call the office of Peter C. Yanes, DDS. Contact our practice and discuss your options. Schedule a consultation and discover treatments tailored to your needs. Dr. Peter Yanes and Rossina Escobar-Yanes are dedicated to helping families in Rancho Cucamonga reach and maintain their most beautiful smiles.

If your family needs a new dentist, call (909) 466-4495 to learn more about our family dentistry services. 

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